Those of you taking the exams in November would be wise to watch these developments, particularly those taking Economics. Your examiners always like to see topical examples in your answers – provided they are relevent.


On October 28th Greece said “Oxi” (No) to Mussolini and gave the Italian invasion force a black eye. They have been celebrating OXI Day ever since. It remains to be seen whether Sunday July 5th’s defiance will be as successful, but it certainly makes life interesting.

Will the Eurozone falter?

Will Limassol become the new Piraeus?

The oil price has already taken another knock as a result – will this trend continue?

Are the Chinese really going to take a major shareholding in the port of Piraeus?

It has all the makings of a major “Soapie”, but it’s far, far, more serious.

Watch this space!

The Oil Price

Good news for some – bunker prices are still relatively low and tankers rates are still up. Unfortunately this hasn’t helped the dry bulk sector much, there was a slight improvement last week but rates  are still in the Doldrums.

Dredging in Durban

Some P and I clubs are warning about the possibility of a sand bar developing within the port. What’s happening?